President Joe Biden, in the midst of a chilly September, stepped up for his COVID booster shot, urging his fellow Americans to follow suit. The White House made it known on a Saturday, a day like any other, but with a distinct resonance in these times.

Not just the COVID booster, but Joe, he took a flu shot just the day before. The presidential physician, Kevin C. O’Connor, revealed in a letter that the President had also armed himself against respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) a few weeks back. The man’s no stranger to needles, it seems.

Biden Leads with Booster and Flu Shots, White House Calls for Widespread Vaccination

With the cold and flu season creeping in, Joe, in his characteristic way, sends out the call. He calls on his fellow citizens, the folks who entrusted him with the helm, to follow in his steps. He says, “Check with your healthcare provider or the local pharmacist, make sure you’re fully vaccinated.”

But let’s not kid ourselves, this ain’t a simple narrative. There’s a backdrop, as always. An uptick in COVID-19, a late-summer surprise, it’s sent schools, hospitals, and businesses into a frenzy. They’re dancing to the tune of illness, a menacing waltz.

You see, there’s doubt in the air, skepticism that’s taken root. Some folks out there, they ain’t too keen on those vaccines. They’ve got leaders, challengers, and influencers. They’ve got Robert Kennedy Jr., the challenger who stokes the fires of dissent. They’ve got Ron DeSantis, a name synonymous with the Republican race.

Florida, it’s in the mix too. Its health officials, they went against the tide, warning about that shiny new COVID booster. It’s a contradiction, they say, it’s against the CDC’s wisdom.

DeSantis, he’s a man of words, and he ain’t one to hold his tongue. “I will not stand by,” he says, “and let the FDA and CDC use healthy Floridians as guinea pigs for new booster shots that have not been proven to be safe or effective.” Strong words in a time when the shots and the skepticism are fighting for the same space.

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